Artificial Intelligent Americans; Nationality in AI Systems?

When we train our artificially intelligent robotic assistants in the near future to work alongside of us humans in every endeavor we must also consider cultural roles in national identity. That is to say if we’re building artificially intelligent American robots to work alongside robots, then we must provide the social norms to go along with our culture into training. Nationality in the far off future may be a thing of the past in that each decade the world becomes closer together.

An artificially intelligent robotic assistant which was built in Japan, would most likely be built with cultural norms consider its programming. This of course could be problematic when the designing an artificially intelligent system that would work alongside an American at let’s say a factory, which puts the final touches on a Boeing airliner. It might be quite silly to have a robot slightly bow to the aerospace engineer mechanic on top of the scaffolding; do you see the problem here?

Of course, when working at let’s say the international space station a robotic assistant would either have two choices for programming. One, it could include parts of all cultures of the world or two, it could have one dominant nationality in culture and even an accent to go along with its speech. We should consider that in the future there maybe an android with artificial intelligence or robotic assistant in every single home in America. Whichever country builds the most robots their programming of culture could in fact slightly alter the American way in culture. Thus one could say that in this case the robots are training us, as we are not training the robots. Consider this in 2006.

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