Become a Maintenance Mechanic

For those of you looking for a job description here it is. A maintenance mechanic means that you have the ability to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair electro-mechanical systems. Having knowledge of repairing pneumatic and hydraulic systems would also help you to qualify as a maintenance mechanic. Machining knowledge is also required as you will have to fabricate and make replacement parts often for broken down machinery. At least 2 years of electro-mechanic experience in a manufacturing environment is required by most employers seeking out this position.

How much money does a maintenance mechanic make? You will be happy to know that maintenance mechanics start making between $12-$16 dollars an hour as a basic worker. If you take on other responsibilities such as being a manger of other mechanics, you can make up to $25-$30 dollars an hour. Of course raises and pay raises happen when you have had more experience or have stayed with a company for a long period of time.

Who exactly is hiring for mechanics? Really any company that has any manufacturing firm such as the automotive industry, trucking industry, and construction industries. All these work environments create and fabricate machinery that uses machinery to make their final product. These are the ideal types of places to find a job like this. You can really add a lot to these large companies by ensuring that machinery and processes run smoothly without any problems. Remember that it only takes one machine to go down to put a stop to an entire companies progress, so you are a very valuable part of the company as a mechanic.

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